Another Domestic Wonder by Elin Kristine Kromann

I mainly work with conceptual art video. The focus of my production is the small wonders of everyday life. Often the works follow at familiar narrative structure, but at the same time any kind of plot has been left out.

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Video/2009. Title: Another Domestic Wonder (02:14) Credits Niels Plenge sound/editing

In the video "Another Domestic Wonder" (2009), the infinite space of the sky intrudes upon the domestic and fragmented space created by the frame of the video image, as the reflection in a melting ice cube on a kitchen table. It, as many other of Elin Kromann's video works, is constructed as a mini-fiction with a simple narrative, filmed with a static camera. A consequence of the latter is that the fictive space imposed by the camera position (the framed image) is used as a volume equal to the object present in the image.