Another Domestic Wonder by Elin Kristine Kromann

I mainly work with conceptual art video. The focus of my production is the small wonders of everyday life. Often the works follow at familiar narrative structure, but at the same time any kind of plot has been left out.

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Video/2009. Title: Bodil's First attempt (00:01:50 excerpt,00:07:08 full length) Nominated SHORT:DOX AUDIENCE AWARD, CPH:DOX

Who would have thought that it was so difficult to make a small film? It looks easy, but there are so many buttons to choose from on such a video camera thingy, and if you haven't tried before, you could end up messing up completely. And this is exactly what happens to Bodil during her first attempt: what should have been a cozy home video in and around the summer house ends up as a documentary that soberly records its own chaotic making. But it's not always that easy to watch a film. Especially not if you think that everything you see is as simple and straight-forward as it looks. The Danish director Elin Kristine Kromann's learning-by-doing piece, however, ends up being one of the funniest and most inventive film-on-film films you've seen for a long time.