Hang On 7 by Elin Kristine Kromann

Photoinstallation 2001. Title: Hang on/Let go

A panoramic photograph consisting of 4 individual photographs that when aligned together create one photograph with the dimensions 92cm x 475cm. Each of the photographs measures 82cm x 125cm and is mounted on a 1cm thick wood sheet. The photos were taken on the east coast of Greenland. The camera was looking towards the west coast of Norway. (Norway and Greenland has been attached for several million years but started to drift apart about 55 million years ago) The panorama was hung on the end wall in a gallery sited on the west coast of Norway. On the opposite side of the room, an oval is painted directly on the wall (W400cm x H255cm) and beside that (in the corner) hangs a photograph of the shut eyes of an Icelandic woman (W50cm x H16cm). The exhibit also included a map and a text (A4 size).

Shown at Gallery H.A.V, Hustad, Norway.