Hvirfla by Elin Kristine Kromann

I mainly work with conceptual art video. The focus of my production is the small wonders of everyday life. Often the works follow at familiar narrative structure, but at the same time any kind of plot has been left out.

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Video/2011. Title: Hvirfla (Excerpt 00:00:19,full length 00:06:37) Credits Niels Plenge sound/editing

Elin Kromann continues, in the video "Hvirfla" (2011), her investigations of the sculptural possibilities of the video medium, which she has been developing in several works during the last years. Here, as in the work "Another Domestic Wonder" from 2010, she investigates water in its different states, as well as its double spatial possibilities – as volume and as plane (mirror / window). Depending on minimal displacements of one's perspective, one can describe a still surface of water as either smooth as a mirror or clear as glass. That it is both at the same time is Kromann's starting point in this project. The paradoxical relationship between mass, transparency and surface is common to the water and the video image, which are the two 'materials' she uses in this work. With a precise observation of the sensitivity of these conditions towards the position of the spectator, Kromann uses her choice of camera angle as a form-giving aspect in the video work. The camera becomes a tool, and the interaction between the two surfaces, the moving one of the water and the static one of the image, creates a temporal sculpture.
As other of Kromann's video works, "Hvirfla" is constructed as a mini narrative, which goes through different states of the material, and deals with its various sculptural possibilities in interaction with the space and surface of the video image.

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