The Guestcottage 5 Elin Kristine Kromann

Social Installation 2003. Title: The Guestcottage

The project The Guestcottage was kind of an interactive social installation.
Physical appearance: a small six sided hut with room for up to fifteen people, produced in Finland with inspiration in the nomadic Sami peoples building traditions. In the cold winter of 2003 I installed the hut in a public park in Nørrebro, a rather rough neighbourhood of Copenhagen. Nørrebro is known for the big diversity in the population’s origin, age, occupation, and interests. Placed in the park the hut represented kind of a soft and positive infection of the hard, complex and at times stressed city space. The cottage was visiting the park for one month and it somehow symbolized the simplest basics of human life with the open fireplace inside and the benches around it: Warmth, somewhere to cook a meal, and togetherness. During the day I invited passers by inside to sit by the fire, have a chat and a cup of tea. In the evenings it was possible to use The Guestcottage for private arrangements free of charge.