Nude 2 by Elin Kristine Kromann

Photoinstallation 2010. Title: Transform. Inkjet print 183cm x 150cm, blankets

The exhibition “Transform” took place between the 10.04. and 02.05.2010 in Birkerød Kunstforening, which is based in the town’s old rectory. The classic Nordic style of the building has elements of both the winterly sturdiness of an old brick house and the lightness that is created when the sun shines into the white and unornamented rooms.

Elin Kromann’s contribution to the exhibition was a combination of two images from her photo series “Nudes” (2008) with a new element, a stack of folded woollen blankets placed on the floor in front of the images.
The photographs, which each measures 1,5 x 2,4 m, reflect on the process through which the artist transforms the materials of nature from a “natural” state to an “art” state, and the relationship between the manipulated “naked” rocks and their context, i.e. the forest they are in. The photographs show in a scale of about 1:1 large rocks, which the artist has scrubbed clean. The grey stones are contrasted with what can almost be seen as their diametrical opposite – the prefabricated blankets in different patterns and colours. They are piled up in a stack, which echoes the form of the rocks, but they bring associations of warmth, softness, indoors, a protection against cold and against nakedness.

The exhibition shows a continuation of the investigations that Kroman makes in an expanded sculptural field, of materials, their qualities, functions and contexts.
This ensemble points to the sculptural qualities of the materials, but involves at the same time their everyday context. They are inserted into the art context in a way that retains both levels of meaning. The work encourages reflection upon the formalisation process that materials go through when they are drawn into an artwork, and at the same time it points to their human and social scale, so to speak. The blankets have an experiential dimension, in that they evoke immediate recollections of the warmth, slightly scratchy and yet protective feeling of crawling into a woollen blanket, as opposed to the hard and cool impenetrability of the stones.

Shown at Birkerød Art Society, Birkerød Gl. Præstegård, Denmark.